Robe Cuete™

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CUETE™ by name, cute by nature, this spot delivers the perfect compact, quality solution for smaller performance spaces or installations.

Delivering outstandingly fast pan and tilt movement, so beloved by EDM, DJ’s and clubs, with dynamic effects, projections, and enhanced by its superior CMY colour

mixing system, CUETE™ punches way above its weight, with an impressive 4.200 lumens of sparkling, clear, white light.

To achieve this output and easily maintain light quality and consistency across your inventory, CUETE™ utilises the TE™ 120W White LED Engine from our patented

ground-breaking TRANSFERABLE ENGINE technology.

The fixed beam 16-degree lens has remote control focus and can be changed to the optional 24-degree lenses for shorter throw and low ceiling scenarios.

Within its small frame, CUETE™ is packed with Robe innovation. These include CPulse™ flicker-free management system for HD and UHD cameras; L3™ Low Light

Linearity dimming software for imperceptible fades to black; AirLOC™ (Less Optical Cleaning) technology keeping the optical elements in pristine condition for far longer.

The dynamic effects package includes a Colour wheel with 13 dichroic filters; Gobo wheel with 9 fully indexable, rotating, replaceable gobos; Static gobo wheel with

6 fixed gobos and 4 beam reducers; 8 facet bi-directional rotating prism and a 5-degree frost for silky smooth washes.

The combination of speed, features, and small footprint makes our CUETE™ the perfect spot partner to the LEDBeam 350™.

Step up to CUETE™ colours!

Τεχνικά Χαρακτηριστικά:

  • Light source: TE™ 120W White LED Engine (Patented)
  • Light output: 4.200 lm, fixture total lumen output, Cpulse™ special flicker free management for HD and UHD cameras, ready for 8K and 16K
  • Zoom range: 16° fixed beam (24°optional wide lens kit)
  • Effects: Static and rotating gobo wheel, Colour wheel, Frost, 8-facet circular prism, Colour mixing

Robe Lighting
(HxWxD) 510x343x220mm
Βάρος (kg):
LED-based Moving Lights
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