Robe T11 Profile™

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Our unique T11 Profile™ delivers both superb performance and total generic flexibility!

Building on the superb MSL™ (Multi-Spectral Light) colour concept, and innovative TE™ technology, our T11 Profile™ maintains the exceptional colour finesse of the phenomenally successful T series. With a fast, interchangeable front lens system, the T11 Profile™ offers absolute, cost-effective flexibility while delivering superb optical quality.

With the MSL-TE™ 350W LED Engine generating over 9.500 lm, and all the advantages of cost, exchange or replacement, this LED technology provides identical colour characteristics, responses, and control of T series luminaires, giving absolute colour consistency across your Robe lighting installation.

High-definition optics deliver precise projection, beam control, and an extreme, wide-ranging 10:1 ratio 5-50° zoom range, from its single, integral lens tube, without additional lens tubes or optical variants.

A virtually controlled CCT range of 2.700K to 8.000K, calibrated whites, and tungsten emulation gives precise control, while we ensure skin tones are perfectly rendered due to T11’s high TLCI and TM30-18 ratings and exceptional CRI of 95.

Our innovative manual shuttering system is both accurate and easy to use. Integral to the fixture is a manual 1° MagFrost™ for instant softening, with an optional 5° frost available.

The unobtrusive T11 is specifically designed to operate in any noise-sensitive environment, with TV studio use enhanced via Cpulse™ flicker-free software and a dedicated plus and minus green channel control.

To increase gobo capacity from the single breakup gobo and holder included with the fixture, an optional drop-in module with two rotating and three static gobos using our standard slot and lock system is available. Furthermore, a motorised iris is included. Easy to install, this allows dual projection of both static and rotating gobos to produce dynamic effects.

Utilizing the rapid-change front lens system, the T11 Profile™ quickly transforms into a Fresnel or PC fixture for total luminaire flexibility without the cost of separate generic purchases.

T11 The three into one generic solution!

Light Source TE™ 350W Multi-Spectral LED engine
Light Output
9.500 lm, CRI 95, + - Green Correction Function, Cpulse™ special flicker free management for HD and UHD cameras, ready for 8K and 16K
Zoom Range
manual 5°- 50°
Effects manual Framing shutters, Frost, Static gobo, optional drop-in module with motorised Iris, Static and Rotating gobos

Robe Lighting
T11 Profile™
(HxWxD) 493x385x653
Βάρος (kg):
Static Lights
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